Penn State is NOT a Lock to Win the Team Race.

Find out which teams are top 3, along with an UNBELIEVABLE amount of college wrestling stats. . .

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Your Unbelievable Postseason Preview

Are you amped up for the 2022 College Wrestling Championships but still have questions like this:

Fanco’s Postseason Primer is your unbelievably informative insider resource for the 2022 College Wrestling Championships in Detroit, MI. With bracket breakdowns, team race predictions, and statistics galore, this is the digital guide for the wrestling fan excited for the postseason.

This digital preview guide will prep your brain for the 2022 NCAA Championships.

What's Inside the Primer?

Your Championship Companion.

top 25 college wrestling teams, photo of ncaa wrestling championship trophies

Team Title Race Score Projections

Complete scoring breakdown on the top 25 teams with winning scenarios.

Individual Contenders & Dark Horses

Get the scoop on All-American contenders, NCAA title threats, and underdogs.

Must-Watch Matches

What are the top quarterfinal and semis matches not to miss?

Stats on Qualifiers

Which state, high school, and schools qualified the most wrestlers?

Is It Worth The Price?

The truth is, being a wrestling fan has become crazy expensive. By subscribing to FloWrestling, Intermat, Rokfin, The Open Mat, and WIN Magazine, you’re spending over $300 per year! Not every fan can afford that.

The good news – this preview compiles the most important stats and breakdowns you need for the NCAA Championships without robbing you blind with a monthly subscription. This is a one-time cost that directly helps benefit Fanco.

If you still don’t believe it’s worth it, check out our reviews below.

Are you the fan who. . .

Before you spend your hard-earned money, we want you to be absolutely sure that this primer is for you. If you can relate to one of these fans, then you’ll fall in love with Fanco’s Posteason Primer.

Fan #1

You're stats obsessed

  • You’re passionate about knowing stats about every qualifier.
  • You crave data on how the top teams can win.

Fan #2

You can't afford the big sites

  • You’re a student who doesn’t have money for wrestling sites.
  • You want to follow wrestling but can’t spend $150 per year.

Fan #3

You don't have time

  • You’re a coach or professional who just wants the quick facts.
  • You want an easy-to-reference sheets with the stats.

A Wrestling Preview PACKED with Stats!

You will receive instant access to 50+ pages of up-to-date wrestling facts, results, and information on all 330 NCAA qualifiers and their respective teams in Fanco’s Postseason Primer.

Team Title Race
Projected NCAA Team Race
Scenarios on How the Top Teams Can Win
How the NCAA Tournament Scoring Works
Stats on the Qualifiers
List of All 330 qualifiers
Quick Stats on NCAA Qualifiers by State, School, Class, & Conference
Individual Contenders
Fanco's Quick Reaction to NCAA Seeds
Top 8 Seeds at Each Weight
Dark Horse, All-American Contenders
Every Former NCAA Finalist Competing
Bracket Breakdown
Quintessential Quarterfinals Not to Miss
Seismic Semifinals You Must Watch
And More!
Complete Conference Championship Recap
Hodge Trophy Race Contenders
Longest Win Streaks to Follow
Impactful Off-Season Transfers
Every Multiple-Time NCAA Champion
NCAA Championships History
Fanco's NCAA Champion Picks

After Reading this Guide:

  • You will understand the most-important STATS for the Championships.
  • You will know the TOP Title contenders at each weight.
  • You will gain significant KNOWLEDGE about the Team Title Race.
  • You will spark more DISCUSSIONS with your wrestling friends.
  • You will be amped up for the 2022 Wrestling Championships

Pre-Tournament Sale - Order today before it's too late!

The Championships are Coming. . .

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Fanco's Postseason Primer is easily worth a $25 value, but it can be yours today for only $6.99. Sale ends March 17 at 11:59pm (first whistle).



What Wrestling Said About Fanco's Last Guide

At the beginning of the season, Fanco released the “Ultimate Guide to the College Wrestling Season.” You can expect the Postseason Primer to be similar, if not better. But, here’s what the fans had to say. . .

This was a super well put together Guide. My favorite part is how in depth it goes. Josiah has real knowledge and passion for wrestling and it really comes through 10/10.

Alfred Murillo

(Wrestling Fan for 3 Years)

Fanco put together a great, single-source compilation of stats and information that any college wrestling fanatic should appreciate. If this guide doesn’t get fans amped up to debate and excited about the season, I’m not sure what will!

Paul Fedor

(Wrestling Fan for 29 Years)

This is the most detailed and thought out college wrestling guide that I have ever read. The guys over at FLO can't even think to compete with this great analysis.

Chad Goto

(Wrestling Fan for 25 Years)

This is a very comprehensive guide that one could expect from a huge media company. Very impressive.

Riley Williams

(Wrestling Fan for 17 Years)

I loved the entire Guide, just phenomenal - the amount of time you put into this has to be crazy. I enjoyed the best true freshman from every team. I'll have this in my living room for every match I watch this year so I can refer to it. Thanks!!!

Brian Hritsko

(Wrestling Fan for 40+ Years)

josiah hritsko fanco wrestling

A MUST-HAVE for Wrestling Fans Watching NCAAs.

I worked my butt off to create a truly unparalleled guide for the college wrestling postseason.

Whether you’re a newbie to the sport or a die-hard, this is the postseason preview is for you.

I wish I had this companion guide while I was growing up. But, now you can dive into all of the stats yourself. Enjoy!

- Josiah, Founder of Fanco Wrestling

Fanco’s Postseason Primer is not associated with the NCAA or the D1 Wrestling Championships.